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Professional manufacturer and exporter of all kinds magnets, including PTFE magnet,NdFeB,SmCo,AlNiCo,Ferrite,magnetic pot,magnetic filter,bonded magnet,injection magnet,rubber magnet,magnetic chuck,magnetic lifter.

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Established in 1998, Ningbo Lihe Permanent Magnetic Materials Manufacturer is a professional manufacturer and exporter of all kinds magnets, including magnetic materials, Ferrite, NdFeb, AlNiCo, Smco, Ptfe magnets, magnetic assembly, industrial permanent magnets and mechanical seals.

Our Advantage

Through years of endeavors, the company has already become a magnetic industry leading manufacturer. It is well known for its determination to be a world-class enterprise. It is famous for its customization flexibilities, competitive prices and rigorous quality control practices.
The company understands that only well educated employees and pleasing enterprise culture could make future survival. Its training programs have already been scheduled till 2003, and its staffs are coming from Microsoft Certified Professionals, American Production & Inventory Control Society and Institute of Supply Management, USA.

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Lihe have 23 years experience in Permanent Magnetic Materials industry

Lihe focus on the development and manufacturing of magnetic materialsWe,We serve customers all over the world


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