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Rare-earth Magnet

Materials from LIHE include both Rare-Earth Magnets and Non- Rare-earth Magnets. Rare-Earth Magnets are of higher performance while Non- Rare-Earth Magnets are of cheaper price. LIHE always tries to provide its customers appropriate materials according to their actual requirements.

As previously stated, Rare-Earth Magnets are of higher performance than Non-Rare-Earth Magnets.

Nd-Fe-B magnets (both Sintered and Bonded) and Sm-Co magnets (Sintered) are the major Rare-Earth magnetic materials of LIHE.

Although these two magnets can be substituted by each other where operating temperature is less than 80。C, there still exits some feature differences. The price of Nd-Fe-B magnets is relatively lower. The (BH) max of Nd-Fe-B magnets can reach to 48MGOe, which is higher than that of Sm-Co magnets. However, Sm-Co magnets have special advantages also. Besides its better corrosion & oxidation resistance, Sm-Co magnets have better temperature stability. Sm-Co magnets can be operated at higher temperature up to 300。C, while Nd-Fe-B magnets can not stand temperature over 180。C.

Specifications for Nd-Fe-B magnets ( Bonded)


bonded magnet
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